Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 14

Ahh, editing. How I love to hate you.

Okay I’m being dramatic. I don’t hate you… But boy, sometimes…

Editing really isn’t that bad, but it is extremely tedious. Especially when you realize, looking back, maayyybbbeee you should’ve shot a video clip differently — but too late now!

I have only ever edited videos with iMovie, and it’s super easy to learn on your own (thankfully). But sometimes the software can be half the problem. They’re finicky and tricky to use sometimes. …

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 13

In my time as a Communications major at Meredith College, I have filmed and edited many videos. But let me tell you the story of the FIRST time I shot a video that mattered.

I had shot a ton of videos with my friends, whether it be for an elections campaign or just for fun, but I had yet to film something that really mattered in the end what it looked like. As the textbook says, you should practice before you shoot an important video, because it really does make perfect.

So imagine how…

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 12

Sometimes, the things I hate most about creating video content is audio.

It is just so finicky! Just when you think you have it right, you play it back and it’s terrible!

This past semester, I was asked to record an interview for my internship. I busted out my handy-dandy tripod and microphone and prepared myself for the job. …

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 11

Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Neali, haven’t you already went off on a tangent about this before?”

Yes, yes I have (to read that, check out my other blog titled “Media: Out With the Old, In With the New”).

However, that is what this chapter focuses on, therefore, we must have the conversation again (perhaps I should’ve read ahead).

To start, I almost miss the days of analog. I may have been much younger and. not using all types of analog technology by myself, but I digress. …

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 10


It’s hard.

I mean, it’s not too hard… Anyone can point the lens at something and push the button to take a picture. But is that really considered photography?

I would argue that it’s not. iPhone’s nowadays make it super easy to get by without a professional camera, but as much as I love and appreciate portrait mode, I feel like photography is an art form that requires a little more skill.

There are so many things that go into photography that we don’t realize. …

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 9

Okay, okay, I know what I said. And YES, text is still VERY important when conveying a message.


Graphics are important too.

Okay, so we have crafted our message using text and a nice font. Great!

Even though our message here is clear — we’ve used different fonts, colors, sizes, and have thought about the design layout — something is still missing. Mainly, it’s boring. People need to be stimulated, and just reading lines and lines of text can get boring, even if the text is pretty. Plus, there’s a lot of empty…

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 8

Text and fonts. They’re pretty important when it comes to media. Text is mostly what the message consists of. Sometimes a picture can convey the intentional meaning (they’re worth 1000 words right?), but not always. And depending on the importance of said message, it’s not always wise to leave the interpretation up to chance.

The actual words are pretty important, but the font you choose is quite significant as well. You want to make sure your audience can easily comprehend and interpret your message. …

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 7

This week’s chapter and the image to the left is haunting to me. You see, during my junior year fall semester, I decided that to fill my math/science/computer science elective for general education I would take a class called “Website Design & Management”.


Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But, oh boy, did I learn how difficult coding can be. Just when I thought I had it, it got more complicated! Not to mention, I have HORRIBLE eyesight, so searching through lines of code for my mistake was terrible.

On the first exam…

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 6

I thought this chapter was very interesting. As I mentioned last week, I took a website design class, and a large element of user experience has to do with user interface design. If the users don’t like the interface, they will not have a good experience. If users don’t have a good experience, they will not use the product or service.

Something I had not considered before is how much technology advancement has to do with user interface design. As technology changes and adapts things like screen size, user interface design will continue to…

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 5

As someone who has taken the computer science class “Website Design and Management” while at Meredith, this chapter was a bit of a review for me. That being said, I am again reminded how much the general public takes for granted when it comes to the internet. If you have ever created a website from scratch — no Wix involved, I’m talking the “ol’ reliable” HTML & CSS — you’ll know EXACTLY what I mean.

Page layout is just one element that goes into creating a website — and an important one. It can…

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