Audio Production

Neali Helms
2 min readDec 4, 2020


Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 12

Sometimes, the things I hate most about creating video content is audio.

It is just so finicky! Just when you think you have it right, you play it back and it’s terrible!

This past semester, I was asked to record an interview for my internship. I busted out my handy-dandy tripod and microphone and prepared myself for the job. I went to the room we were going to shoot in beforehand, we set up the scene for a wonderful set, and did plenty of sound tests to make sure the microphone was in a good position.

However, what we didn’t prepare for was the lovely (note the sarcasm) North Carolina heat. When the day came to shoot the video,

It. Was. HOT.

So, as expected, the air conditioners were on in every building possible. Including the one where we were shooting.

It wasn’t noticeable at all just standing within the room, and when we did our final mic test, I still didn’t notice it.

However, later that week when I began editing, I realized I had a problem. Thankfully, it was not that bad, and I was able to boost the treble in my sound to pick up on their voices.

This experience definitely reinforces what our textbook says: bring your headphones and use them!