Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 9

Okay, okay, I know what I said. And YES, text is still VERY important when conveying a message.


Graphics are important too.

Okay, so we have crafted our message using text and a nice font. Great!

Even though our message here is clear — we’ve used different fonts, colors, sizes, and have thought about the design layout — something is still missing. Mainly, it’s boring. People need to be stimulated, and just reading lines and lines of text can get boring, even if the text is pretty. Plus, there’s a lot of empty space that we aren’t able to fill with our text we’ve chosen. This is where graphics can help us!

Wow! This looks so much better! The space looks full, there’s more color, and it will help grab out audience’s attention.

So, as I mentioned, graphics are a great tool for communication professionals to use. You probably didn’t even notice, but I used graphics to get my point across!