Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 5

As someone who has taken the computer science class “Website Design and Management” while at Meredith, this chapter was a bit of a review for me. That being said, I am again reminded how much the general public takes for granted when it comes to the internet. If you have ever created a website from scratch — no Wix involved, I’m talking the “ol’ reliable” HTML & CSS — you’ll know EXACTLY what I mean.

Page layout is just one element that goes into creating a website — and an important one. It can determine which aspects of your message are received and which are not. People want to consume media as easily and satisfyingly as possible. They way in which a page is laid out can determine if your page is even read!

Page layout is no joke. There are so many different ways to choose from — you can have a fixed or fluid layout, an F-shaped layout, a Z-shaped layout, a layout based on a grid — you name it. And that is only ONE ELEMENT that goes into web design! Individuals who create and design websites have my utmost respect. I finished my “Website Design and Management” class with a B, but I honestly never want to design another website again.

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