Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 10


It’s hard.

I mean, it’s not too hard… Anyone can point the lens at something and push the button to take a picture. But is that really considered photography?

I would argue that it’s not. iPhone’s nowadays make it super easy to get by without a professional camera, but as much as I love and appreciate portrait mode, I feel like photography is an art form that requires a little more skill.

There are so many things that go into photography that we don’t realize. Exposure, lighting, white balance, focus — any one of these can make or break your photo.

I know I have been a victim of bad lighting in a photo. You think you look good until you see that. It can take a great hair and makeup day and make you look like a creature in the dark (especially when using the flash).

Basically, my point here is there are lots of elements in photography that contribute to the overall image and message the photo sends. If your photo doesn’t attract your audience, it won’t send a message at all.

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