Text: If You Care This Little About Fonts I Worry About Your Mental Health

Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 8

Text and fonts. They’re pretty important when it comes to media. Text is mostly what the message consists of. Sometimes a picture can convey the intentional meaning (they’re worth 1000 words right?), but not always. And depending on the importance of said message, it’s not always wise to leave the interpretation up to chance.

The actual words are pretty important, but the font you choose is quite significant as well. You want to make sure your audience can easily comprehend and interpret your message. CH0051NG 4 F0N7 700 D1FF1CUL7 70 UND3R574ND M4Y 5K3W Y0UR M3554G3 0R 7URN 4W4Y Y0UR 4UD13NC3 (Translation: choosing a font too difficult to understand may skew your message or turn away your audience).

Morgan, I appreciate your perspective, however I must disagree. Fonts can change anything and everything about a message. Plus, who actually LIKES Times New Roman? BOR-ING. Fonts provide variety! Combinations of fonts can create beautiful text-work. I love using a brush font for accented words combined with a sans-serif for the rest of the text. I am a font lover, and proud of it.