Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 6

I thought this chapter was very interesting. As I mentioned last week, I took a website design class, and a large element of user experience has to do with user interface design. If the users don’t like the interface, they will not have a good experience. If users don’t have a good experience, they will not use the product or service.

Something I had not considered before is how much technology advancement has to do with user interface design. As technology changes and adapts things like screen size, user interface design will continue to evolve and change. Most companies have a mobile and tablet version of their website to allow easier access on these devices. Even that kind of interface has had to adapt in recent years as phones advance. Phones like the Microsoft Surface Duo and the new Motorola Razr (fun fact: the original Razr was my first phone! I had the pink one) offer a smartphone with a folding screen! It will be interesting to see what kind of user interface design will come next.

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