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Neali Helms
2 min readDec 9, 2020


Digital Media Convergence — Chapter 13

In my time as a Communications major at Meredith College, I have filmed and edited many videos. But let me tell you the story of the FIRST time I shot a video that mattered.

I had shot a ton of videos with my friends, whether it be for an elections campaign or just for fun, but I had yet to film something that really mattered in the end what it looked like. As the textbook says, you should practice before you shoot an important video, because it really does make perfect.

So imagine how I felt when my absolutely-wonderful-amazing faculty advisor and professor, Alan Buck, told my roommate Megan and I (AKA his favorite students) that he desperately needed us (two unexperienced college sophomores) to take his place (a literal professional with YEARS of experience) for a video series called “Let’s Taco Bout Tacos”.

Now, now I know what you’re thinking. “How serious could a little taco video series be? You’re just being dramatic”. WRONG.

The video series featured Bryan and Jason, two fun-and-hungry guys, looking for the best tacos in the Triangle

And the videos were featured on the “MIX Mornings Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah” (yes, the same Bryan mentioned above) Facebook page, which is a popular radio morning show in Raleigh, with 5.2K FOLLOWERS.

Not the smaller audience I was hoping for!

Not only were we taking on a huge responsibility for him, but he also let us know about this favor…


So, like the diligent and hardworking students we are, we ran with it.

And it was one of the best experiences ever.

Though we were a little bit nervous, Bryan and Jason were absolutely wonderful to work with. They really helped us through, whether they knew it or not. And we ended up filming with them again, whenever Buck needed us to and we could.

Even though I could’ve had a panic attack that my first ~real video shoot~ was on such a higher viewing scale than I would have imagined, it truly gave me the confidence I have now. Since then, Megan and I have recorded videos for EVERY occasion and even started a similar video series of our own for our independent media content class. Now, I can’t wait to get behind that camera (but behind the editing screen? That’s another story…).

Buck, though I may have been ready to fight you when you sprung this situation on us, I am so thankful for you and all the opportunities you create for me, Megan, and your other students. You’re the best!



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